Materials & Methods

Gregory Clark, an industrial designer by training, has worked with most materials and processes imaginable. From materials commonly crafted by artisan hands to large scale commercial methods used to create consumer products and architecture, no material or process intimidates us. We thrive on tackling new and challenging situations. Our understanding of diverse methods and materials helps create new and original works for our clients.

Following are some of the materials and techniques we have utilized to build furnishings:

· Natural Slabs

· Exotic woods

· Glass (Blown, Cast, Slumped and Hand Ground)

· Concrete

· Stone

· Gold and Silver Leaf, Faux paint techniques

· Metal (Cast, machined, forged, laser cut, formed, welded, and plated)

· Stainless, gold, Silver, Pewter, Zinc, Steel, titanium

· Leather, Parchment, Shagreen

· Bone, Woolly Mammoth Ivory, Sea shell, Eggshell, Mother of Pearl

· Textiles

· Plastics (injection molded, fabricated, cast, and laminated)

· Honeycomb and composite structures

· Fiberglass , Kevlar, Cast Resin