Gregory Clark Custom has assembled a TEAM of talented bench craftsman, along with technicians skilled in the art of running modern computer navigated equipment. Together they approach each project with an open mind to achieve the needed results. All projects are carefully engineered in CAD format drawings prepared for final approval by the client’s designer. Prototype and templates are generally first provided to validate proportions, functionality or scale. We assemble a team and project manager to each project from concept through to completion.

Creation Process

1. Search and Appraisal – Learn about the client’s needs and clearly define the objectives

2. Conceptual – Provide sketches and renderings, looking at all possible solutions. Provide sample materials

3. Developmental – Provide CAD shop drawings, engineering specs, prototypes of critical elements, and final confirmation samples

4. Commercialization – Build project to specification per client timeline

5. Inspection – Stage final piece for inspection and approval to deliver

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